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Meetings and minutes

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B!B!E! 2024 planning season/ Planeación B!B!E! 2024

Meeting Minutes/ Minutas de Reuniones

B!B!E! 2023 planning season

June 2023

Early in 2023

  • There was an ongoing language exchange (en/es), but we didn't take minutes. It was just a small, informal ongoing event for a while there.
  • There were biweekly tech meetings through June, summaries should be in the gmail account.

January 2023

B!B!E! 2022 planning season

Meeting Minutes

December 2022

November 2022

October 2022

Sept 2022

Aug 2022

Jul 2022

Jun 2022

May 2022

February 2022

  • Planning Meeting - Share your availability at the Doodle poll
  • B!B!E! tech meeting - Wednesday February 16 @6pm Pacific Time
    • AGENDA:
      • wiki signup questions
      • domain update

January 2022

  • Friday, January 14, 2022 6pm Mexico City Time (4pm PST) B!B!E! + B!B!CDMX
    • AGENDA: USA-Mexico money handling update
    • Mexico didn't come, we hope they're ok, attendees got Angel's B!B!E!21 cookie recipe.
  • Sunday, January 16, 2022 5pm PST tech committee meeting
  • B!B!E! planning meeting - Thursday, January 20 @ 5:30pm Pacific Time
    • AGENDA:
      • Review volunteer roles and associate names with roles
      • Review "Who has access to what" spreadsheet
      • Decide cut-off date for deciding whether to do B!B!E!22 in November
      • Pre-work party OCF basic planning.
      • domain
  • Work Party - Fill out the OCF page - Friday, January 21@1:30pm Pacific Time - CANCELLED - we made good progress on this during the planning meeting.

December 2021

All the meeting minute links below are broken. If you reeeally want to see them, Ifny is the person most likely to know something about them.

November 2021

The meeting minute link below is broken. If you reeeally want to see them, Ifny is the person most likely to know something about them.

Emails to the ThinkTank

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