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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.06.22

From Bike Collectives Wiki


  • Nat
  • Carla
  • Darin
  • Angel

Note: Nobody had logged in with the account, so nobody could let Carla in when she tried to join the meeting. In the future, make sure someone is logged in as bikebikeeverywhere.

Action Items / To-do list

Updated some items on the to-do list from last meeting

  • Nat has a meeting scheduled with angé to discuss interpretation & translation; will work on Instagram & scanning high-res flyer this week
  • Carla can work on text for's front page & the announcement email; probably have a draft by Monday for review & translation
  • Angel contacted Godwin and he set up a Bike!Bike!Everywhere! 2022 conference, but Angel and Darin got the Spanish title wrong and have contacted him again about changing "por todas partes" to "en todas partes"
  • Darin & Angel still need to contact last year's tech volunteers to let them know we're doing this again and looking for a tech coordinator
  • Carla will write and send a call for volunteers to join in a virtual workparty on June 29 at 7pm Pacific (after the next meeting) to gather contact info for more community bike organizations

Things that are coming up next on the Miro timeline:

  • Send out call for interpretation volunteers
  • define necessary interpretation resources
  • open workshop signups
  • launch the conference on
  • send announcement emails

News & Updates

  • Darin added all attendees, Leo, and as administrators for the conference, so we should all be able to edit the conference info on Go to, click "Sign in" at the bottom, provide your email address, go to your email and click the link, click "Conferences" at the top of the page, and there will be an "Administrate" (or "Edit" or something like that) button under Bike!Bike! Everywehre! 2022. Contact Darin or Angel if you have any issues getting access or need help using the website.
  • Still no word from CDMX