B!B!E! Language Exchange Planning 2023.01.11

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  • Leo will probably be offline in February, so someone else will need to facilitate
  • Nat's days off right now are Wed/Thurs, and later in the day is probably better
  • Tentatively scheduling for Wednesdays @ 4pm Pacific / 5pm Mountain / 6pm Central / 7pm Eastern / 9pm Chile, starting next week (Jan. 18)


  • Intercambio alone tends to mean something more like a student exchange program
  • In English we have been saying Language Exchange
  • Nat's brief google search indicates that Intercambio de Idiomas is probably the most common term

Planning the Meetings

  • Facilitators should be reasonably bilingual. We can rotate facilitators.
  • Leo will facilitate the first time

Meeting Outline

  • How to participate
    • Raise your virtual "hand"
    • We will speak for X minutes in English, X minutes in Spanish on general conversation topics. Try to let everyone have a turn.
  • Introductions (name, pronouns, maybe location & language skill levels?)
  • Discuss several conversation topics or work on projects together, switching languages

Potential topics/projects

  • Review bike anatomy; identify parts of bike in both languages
  • How is biking in your city?
  • general topics - search for "language exchange conversation topics" online
  • come up with more of your own that are bike related
  • look at past B!B!E! workshop topics
  • Project: collaborate on a project like flash cards or playing cards (use it as promo material or merch for B!B!E!)