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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.07.20

From Bike Collectives Wiki


  • Angel
  • Darin
  • Leo
  • Nat
  • Carla

Agenda and notes

  • [5min] brief technical update - short version and long version parts 1 & 2 and long version part 3
  • Last-minute translations for launch
  • LAUNCH! (Wait for Carla) (see previous planning meeting minutes for list of places to launch) LAUNCHED
  • Maybe we could create a profile or page for B!B!E! on Facebook [DONE - created account and page. - Nat has login info]
  • Learning how to use the buttondown email list - there's hundreds of people in there!
  • [15min] There's some other text we're going to want to add to besides what Carla wrote up. We'll want to edit last year's text based on what we learned. For example, to say something like "we'd like to prioritize non-English workshops" on the "propose a workshop" page.
  • We should consider writing something up for people who don't know what Bike!Bike! is (Carla wrote some text; needs translation)
  • Leo sent the email out to many people! WOOOO
  • Then we realized we hadn't hit the "launch" button on (or whatever it's called). We made sure it wasn't angel and darin doing this part.
  • schedule meeting to coordinate with translation/interpretation team - nat will work on scheduling

future agendas

  • we need to send out a request for tech volunteers
  • [15min] Review how to add emails to email list? time permitting.
  • If anyone wants to, can you write about all the hard work you've been doing for B!B!E!22? Then we can blog post it to OCF.
  • Should we keep the "volunteer mailing list" on MailMan? Nobody ever replies. Nobody seems to know how to find it or use it. Maybe we should move it to Buttondown? Goal for volunteer mailing list was originally for volunteers to communicate with each other like they do with the think tank. Goal for volunteer mailing list on Buttondown would be to be able to broadcast requests for volunteers to do specific tasks.
  • The community bike orgs list needs a lot of love - it's out of date and missing a lot of places from all over the world. this is a big project that would benefit from regular work parties with more people, how do we make it happen? Maybe monthly so it feels sustainable? How to make it feel like it's not endless? Goal of ____ by ___ date or something?

We can make email lists using the wiki list but if they're only on social media, should we be trying to keep that up to date, too? Also a big project, what would that even look like?

Reasons for working on this - to keep the list comprehensive. People use it as a resource to find their local people. To be able to reach out to community bike people.

  • how to keep meeting agendas in the wiki - should each person do it as they think of things? just one person? if just one person, who? some combination?