Tech meeting 2022.07.19

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Angel, Darin, Godwin

(Tuesdays are Jonathan's Positive Spin days and we are trying to fix in time for tomorrow's launch.)


Godwin (of the original software coding project) can start making himself available to attend tech meetings! He proposes Thursdays at 9pm. This is the tentative time, to be changed if it doesn't also work for Jonathan. A recurring one-hour meeting scheduled on a workday (pacific time) could also work.

Minutes are based on memory because the meeting was supposed to be recorded but Jitsi LIED to us and didn't record the meeting as far as we can tell

Angel's notes (planning and coordination)

Team work

  • It's hard to keep tech volunteers. Every year after every B!B!, they get really excited and stick around for a little while but never stick around long enough to make things happen.
  • What about asking for a specific length time commitment? Then you scare off potential volunteers. software rebuild

  •'s code is AWESOME but also is eroding more and more each year.
  • When it was built, they didn't plan for a pandemic. They weren't imagining a virtual use case scenario.
  • When we were having tech meetings post B!B!E!2021, we reviewed existing conference software. Existing conference software isn't concerned with being multilingual. Nobody is working on multilingualness in conference software. They're all focused on adding support and features related to things like choosing which workshops to present, which is an issue we may run into in the future, but it wasn't a feature we needed last year, and we'll do ok without it this year, too.
  • Godwin says nobody uses Ruby anymore and we might have an easier time finding volunteers if we use a trendy new framework like React so that people can hop on, add their pet feature, and then wander off again.
  • (Will we just end up with the same non-trendy framework issue in a few years?)

Let's do this thing!

  • Godwin is available to schedule a weekend some time to power through starting a new software project. Starting a project is sometimes the hardest part; then you can chip away at it.
  • Godwin is available to spend 1-2 hours every ... week? I forget how much time. Coming to meetings. But basically, Godwin is willing to chip away at this bit by bit, even if it takes year or even 2 years, to build something new.
  • Frank is now 8 months old, Godwin will coordinate with Kathryn to make B!B! software meetings happen. He has extremely-limited availability, but it's a deeply-held value that this be an usable resource for the community. front page, godwin gets our spam, websites integration, and B!B!E! will always have a free option just like B!B!

  • Someone emailed Godwin a couple years ago and pointed out that we should replace the photo at the bottom of with the white person with dreadlocks. Probably through the contact form on, which is not a good way to reach anyone, because any email that gets sent through that contact form will get buried because it is also used by spambots to send hundreds or thousands of spam messages.
  • It would be nice to redo and integrate it with
  • Bike!Bike! Everywhere! has a free option and it almost certainly always will.
  • B!B!E! got a whole bunch of people who had never been to a B!B! before.

Darin's notes (technical details)

We had a fairly productive meeting; discovered a major issue with our proposed change; I'm currently attempting to resolve it.

  • we forgot to account for the "next" button on the payment page; not sure what requirements must be met for it to appear but we didn't meet them
  • probably best to move the donation to the end of the registration process and use a conditional to eliminate unneeded registration steps, including payment

- a good conditional to use is in app/views/conferences/_conference.html.haml (but only on the server, not on github!):

   conference.city_name.present? && conference.city_id == 433
   (it selects for conferences at the south pole, city 433)
  • the registration steps are (we think) determined in app/controllers/conferences_controller.rb in the required_steps() function. UPDATE: it's not working. they may be defined elsewhere.
  • restarting unicorn is the correct thing to do after the kinds of changes we're making

Sent an email asking Jonathan "If there's a way for me to access your test instance, that might ease the process a little. Right now I am troubleshooting live on which is suboptimal."