B!B!E! Tech Meeting 2022.12.08

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Angel, Darin, Jonathan, Godwin


small talk

next steps

  • stay focused on the basic infrastructure
  • jonathan looking into big blue button to replace zoom
  • darin looked into it back in the day, it didn't have captions (it does now) and it didn't have interpretation so if it has good interpretation user interface now that might be good. darin will reassess
  • Jonathan made a personal backup of this wiki in case it ever goes down https://wiki2.bikelover.org/wiki/Main_Page
  • we can't drop facebook/instagram for outreach purposes
  • keep in mind that the planning team needs extreme user-friendly.
  • angel is looking forward to mailman 3. ability to search the thinktank archives is something people ask for occasionally
  • nextcloud is easy for jonathan to set up
  • https://docker.github.io/community-all-hands/ - docker conference!
  • https://www.docker.com/play-with-docker/ & https://labs.play-with-docker.com/ - homework, play around with docker in a no-consequence environment
  • we should throw wiki makeover parties. Update ancient pages, etc.
  • meetings we try to stick to business the first hour and then after that we tend to stick around and socialize for another hour or so.