B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.09.21

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angel, darin, nat, carla



- whoops the doodle poll for workshop availability didn't work. testing, testing. (nat, how's this spanish? small edit) Re-sent to presenters.

- moving planning meetings 1 hour earlier due to chile time change

- the meeting with presenters/interpreters is scheduled for 2 weeks from today. It is scheduled for when planning meetings WERE (6pm Pacific/9pm Eastern). We will check with Leo next week about whether to do a bit of regularly-scheduled planning meeting starting 20 minutes before.

- presenter meeting: Q&A, how to do zoom with interpretation for the dress rehearsal. darin needs to work on a video for how to use zoom with interpretation. how to facilitate - carla.


- start using the translation spreadsheet to track docs that need translation. (Darin might turn it into a template for easy regeneration each year. Update: Can't do that in gDocs; we'll just have to make new copies each year.)

- nat is emailing last year's translators/interpreters right now

- wrote reminder email to let presenters know they have a meeting and dress rehearsal to attend. ready to send.

- we need to start recruiting tech volunteers!!! Darin & Carla will collaborate on an email

- We should remind everyone that they can sign up for B!B!E!. We will do so by email/social media/buttondown/etc. when we have a workshop schedule to announce.