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Tech meeting 2022.07.21

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Whoops I put the 7/19 meeting minutes here.  They have been moved to the correct place, which is here, click me.


  • Clarify that B!B!E! is not B!B!, it is a separate thing. It is a virtual "Bike!Bike! Everywhere!" event and an entity that supports the Bike!Bike! community. Probably a little like how "friends of the library" isn't the public library

We fixed things

Sidekiq (the thing that sends emails from

  • Shortly after opening registration, stopped sending emails!
  • Not sure why this happened; Godwin had to go log in to the gmail account for to unblock it
  • It continued to be broken because Godwin had to change the password to be able to log in, and that reset the application-specific password. This evening Godwin went in and got a new application specific password and put it in

* email sending seems to work again!

Registration Hangups

  • Jonathan & Angel were both stuck at the Language selection step and couldn't go forward. I think this is because they had started registration before I altered the registration steps.
  • Turns out I had made a mistake when monkey patching the RegistrationSteps.available_steps method; it's important to run the .select { |step| send("#{step}_available?", registration) } on the list of steps, and that wasn't happening.

* It is now fixed!