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Template:Community Bicycle Organization/doc

From Bike Collectives Wiki

The Community Bicycle Organization template ensures that all community bicycle organizations have a page with similar content, and more importantly that the articles are categorized properly.

Updating to the Current Standard

If you have seen a warning on your organization's page, you probably don't meet the current standard but it may have changed since you last edited it. If there have been major changes, the easiest way to update is to simply edit the article and load the new boilerplate. You should probably copy your old text first as loading a new boilerplate will replace all of the text in the document. Then plug in your old information into the new page.

If there have been only minor changes, you may find it easier to compare using the template as it is shown below.

The Template

If you were to load the boilerplate into a new page, the page would have the following content:

   | name           = 
   | logo           = 
   | year_founded   = 
   <!-- Leave this next field empty if the organization is still in operation -->
   | year_dissolved = 
   | website  = 
   | email =
   | town     = 
   | state    =
   | province = 
   | country  = 

   <!-- if on a college or university campus, then the name of that institution -->
   | campus = 

   <!-- Languages officially supported, most likely it will just be one, so leave the rest blank -->
   | language1 = English
   | language2 = 
   | language3 = 

   <!-- Simply "yes" or "no" -->
   | has-diy-shop           = no
   | has-pay-shop           = no
   | has-mobile-repair      = no
   | has-bike-sharing       = no
   | has-earn-a-bike        = no
   | has-bike-valet         = no
   | has-workshops          = no
   | has-courses            = no
   | has-group-rides        = no
   | has-bicycle-advocacy   = no
   | has-pedicab            = no
   | has-in-school-programs = no
   | has-youth-summercamp   = no
   | has-youth-racing       = no
   | has-women-trans-hours  = no

   <!-- Please share your mission statement or mandate -->
   | mission-statement = 

'''{{PAGENAME}}''' is ...
<!--   Tell us a little bit about your shop here    -->

== Contact Info ==
<!--   Mailing addres, or email or both    -->

== History ==
<!--   Let know know how you came to be where you are now.    -->

== Services Offered ==
<!--   Tell us a little more about the services you offer.    -->

Shop Info Fields

Basic Info


Simply the full name of the shop. You can leave this blank if you like, and the name of the page will be used instead.

The file name of the logo, eg. TheHub.png


Simply the year that the organization first came together.


If the organization is no longer in operation, then the year it was last in operation, otherwise leave this blank.

Contact Info


Simply a link to a site where more information can be found. Include http://, eg.


Just a "contact" email address, e.g.


The city, town, municipality, community, village, shire or whatever.


If in a country which is divided into states, then the full state name, otherwise blank.


If in a country which is divided into provinces, the the full province name or abbreviation, otherwise blank.


Simply the full country name.


If your organization is affiliated with a college or university then put the full name of the institution here, otherwise just leave it blank. This would be another good topic to write about in your article, mentioning what your affiliation is and how different parts of your university or students' union provide you with support.


The languages which are fully supported by the organization, most orgs will simply enter language1 = English or their other primary language. If your organization fully supports and second or third language, please put them in language2 and language3, otherwise leave these blank.

Service Offered

Simply answer 'yes' or 'no' to each accordingly.

Below are all of the services listed and a link to the article where you can find more information:

Mission Statement

Please put in your organization's mission statement.

Article Headings

If you fail to provide additional information, you're article may be categorized as a Template:Stub. Using the headings as provided are meant to be a place to start in order to write a well rounded article.

Contact Info

Please provide your mailing address and/or your shops general email.


Just a brief history about your organization. This can likely be copied and pasted from your website.

Services Offered

This is where you can expand on how the way that you do things may differ from other organizations. For example, if you provide a bike share you can describe how long bikes are lent out and what costs are associated with the client. This information can extremely useful for other organizations wanting to start providing the same service.