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Recycle Cycles (Hamilton, ON, Canada)

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Recycle Cycles is Hamilton's first all volunteer-run, community-based non-profit bicycle repair workshop.

  • Location - 19 Pearl Street North, Hamilton, Ontario (basement of Erskine Presbyterian Church - enter off Morden Street)
  • Hours - Open to the public - Saturday's 9am to 12 noon; Volunteer shop hours Tuesday's 6-9 pm
  • Recycle Cycles Goals: to prevent unused bikes from being discarded/to promote cycling as a non-polluting transportation option/to make bicycles and bicycling accessible/to empower individuals with bicycle maintenance skills/to promote bicycle safety
  • What do we do? RC accepts community donations of bikes and bike parts/provide fixed bikes in exchange for a donation/operate a workshop where we provide advice and tools for bike repair, in exchange for sweat equity or a donation/organize special events to promote cycling in the Hamilton Community/donate bikes to humanitarian causes.


RECYCLE CYCLES began in 1997 as an OPIRG McMaster volunteer working group. With the support of OPIRG McMaster RC modelled the workshop based on Waterloo PIRG's shop, hired a student to do research, and eventually (1998) found space at Erskine Presbyterian Church. OPIRG McMaster supplied the initial funding to purchase shop tools and pay our first several rent installments. RECYCLE CYCLES was a model in turn for MACycle, and other programs in the city.