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Pedallers' Arms

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Pedallers Arms
Founded 2010
Location Leeds, Yorkshire, UK
Services Offered
Mission Statement
  • To exist.
  • To empower people to maintain their own bicycle.
  • To provide a safe space where anyone can work and learn regardless of privilege, ability, or class.
  • To stock second-hand bicycle parts – saving people money and reducing waste.
  • To create a culture of skill-sharing and support.
  • To follow co-operative principles.

Pedallers' Arms is a place to come and learn how to repair your bike in a friendly atmosphere. We are a co-operative of people, all volunteers, who want to help people fix up their own bikes. The emphasis is on “anyone can fix their bike”. We have tools, books and time for you.


Come drop into one of our sessions. We ask for a donation towards rent and wear and tear, but no one will be turned away due to lack of funds. We are based at 37 – 38 Mabgate Green, Leeds, LS9 7DS in Leeds, (UK city centre).

Services Offered

We are open 4-8pm on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll do our best to make sure there is tea, coffee and cake on offer at every session!

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