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Galgo Supernova

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Founded 2021
Location Ciudad de Buenos Aires, CABA, Argentina
Services Offered
Mission Statement In galgosupernova we practice bike community mechanics because we creatively seek a joint solution, positively repairing any mechanism.
Phone +54 9 11 2399-1466

Galgo Supernova is based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. A project that since 2021 is organizing different formats of workshops about bike mechanics in several spaces of the city. Nowadays is one of the only open and alive community bike shops in Ciudad de Buenos Aires, sharing space in a Recycling Cooperative only 5 miles away from downtown.

Contact Info

Community bike shop

Yerbal 1419, Caballito
Centro Verde Yerbal
Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Bike mechanic classes

Morón 2453, Flores
Cazona de Flores
Ciudad de Buenos Aires
  • Phone: +54 9 11 2399-1466
  • E-mail:


Galgosupernova started after pandemic in 2021 as a proposal of Open Shop thinking in community bike mechanics (mecánica comunitaria, in Spanish) at a cultural space in Abasto, in Buenos Aires, Argentina. For two years there was an open shop with a pop-up format in the sidewalk of this cultural space, working with neigbors and people from bike community. There were also bike rides to different natural reserves that are part of the geography of the city.

In 2023, the collective started to work in a new space giving free mechanic classes for CFP N°24 a public trade school in Flores. Finally, in 2024, the Open Shop moved to a new space offering a new schedule focusing on the need for using bikes in a society with new politics held by the national administration. This new space is in a bigger project that is a Recycling Cooperative called RUO, a social process that began in the 2001 crisis when unemployed people from neigborhoods started to organize themselves as recycling workers in the street recollecting paper and cardboard.

Services Offered

Open Shop is working four times a week. The schedule is updated on Instagram or on Telegram. Here you can find a complete DIY bicycle repair workshop with good tools, nice space (in a nice park or indoors, depends on the day) and access to bike parts (used and new ones). The space works with contributions and donations, you can ask how much is the suggested value per hour.

ABC de la Bici

Intensive classes program for learning the basic mechanic maintenance. It consists of four classes for three hours, including information about how to fix a flat, brake adjustments, gears, drive train, truing wheels. Available for every spirit that it is curious about bike mechanics.