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Chicago Velo Campus

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Chicago Velo Campus
Founded unknown
Dissolved 2015
Location Chicago, Illinois, USA
Services Offered

Chicago Velo Campus is at 8615 S. Burley is only the beginning of Chicago Velo Campus’s vision. This temporary structure for cycling is supported by metal undercarriage and utilizes Marine-grade plywood with “SkidGard” sandwich lamination to maintain maximum safety. Bicycles made specifically for the track featuring higher bottom brackets and fixed gears are available to rent at the facility. Elite and professional riders can reach up to 45+miles per hour and juniors over 10 can reach speeds of 25+ miles per hour on the track.

Contact Info

8615 S. Burley 
Chicago IL 


Services Offered

Introduction to Track Cycling

Riders who have never ridden a track bike before can take advantage of this weekly program designed to introduce them to the experience of riding a track bike on a velodrome. Sessions will be led by experienced track cyclists and will teach participants how to clip in, how to enter and exit the track, the etiquette specific to riding velodromes and some basic technique drills. Equipment will be available to for rent. After this introduction class riders will be able to ride in open training sessions and enter Category 5 races (Category 4 for women).

Junior Development

The Junior Development efforts of the Chicago VeloCampus are designed to both introduce young people to the sport of track cycling as well as develop promising young athletes into elite track racers.

Major Taylor Cycling League

The VeloCampus will create a weekly track racing league aimed specifically at Chicago-area middle and high school students. Teams will form from participating schools and will have dedicated access to the track after school for training in preparation for weekly Saturday races that pit area schools against one another to win the Major Taylor Cup, which will be awarded at the end of the school year based on accumulated team points.

Youth Development and Talent Identification

The Junior Development Program will also hold weekly coached clinics specifically for junior cyclists that will be provide an opportunity for dedicated young riders to train together and receive guidance from a knowledgeable source. The program will also hold camps during the summer and other times when school is not in session designed to provide intensive training opportunities for young cyclists. These clinics and camps will train juniors to race in the weekly multi-category racing series.

Experienced Rider Program

Track cyclists who have shown competency handling their bikes safely in on the track can take advantage of open training hours as well as general coached clinics that offer advanced structured training opportunities. These riders will also have the opportunity to race in the weekly multi-category racing series.

Elite Training and Development

The VeloCampus plans to serve as a home to a number of elite athletes at the local, national and world levels. Elite athletes can take advantage of dedicated track time each day with the opportunity to use the latest timing and training technology. VeloCampus will integrate with USA Cycling to provide a place for national team riders as well as aspiring national team riders to train. Finally the Chicago VeloCampus will host national and world-level cycling events that plan to draw some of the top talent in the discipline.


A 6 week long course designed to teach youth and adults the art of bicycle mechanics. The class meets twice a week allowing students to refine their skills and produce a finished bike which will soon be their own. The first program begins on December 15th and is in collaboration with Epic Academy. Chicago Velo Campus looks forward to partnering with additional schools and community programs.