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Caltech Bike Lab

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Caltech Bike Lab
Founded 2009
Location Pasadena, California, USA
Campus California Institute of Technology
Services Offered
Mission Statement The Caltech BikeLab provides a DIY shop for members of Caltech and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. We also host classes and rides throughout the year that are open to the public.

Caltech Bike Lab is ... a cult of personality for my cats. They require constant worship.

Contact Info!/caltechbikelab


Once upon a time, dinosaurs ruled the Earth. Eventually they died and turned into oil - which humanity has decided to refine, burn, crack (thank you free-radical chemistry), and otherwise form into interesting monomers and polymers. Some humans decided these petroleum products should be used for lubricating their chains and bottom brackets; which has (among many other causes) ultimately led to the formation of the Bike Lab.

Also once upon a time, Caltech had an active bike racing and triathlon club. The racers graduated away, the tools remained, and we decided to make ourselves into more of a cooperative.

Services Offered

1. A DIY shop is available for members of Caltech and JPL. 2. "Office hours" where members of Caltech and JPL can come by and get repair assistance. 3. Repair classes and safe riding classes (taught by CICLE) that are open to the general community. 4. Group rides that are often open to the community as well. 5. Cycling advocacy. 6. Cat worship.