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Bike Concord

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Bike Concord
Founded 2014
Location Concord, California, United States
Services Offered
Mission Statement "Bike Concord is working for safe, convenient, and enjoyable bicycling in our community."

As of March 2018, we are preparing physical premises (a shipping container and concrete outdoor work deck) for a high school bicycle mechanics course, with an eventual goal of opening Central Contra Costa County's first bike collective. This has been a community need for many years, but there has been no organization to make it happen until residents came together to form Bike Concord. We are now within measurable distance of making the Community Bike Shop a reality.

Contact Info

You can reach us at


We were founded in 2014 through a collaboration between Concord residents and Bike East Bay, a regional bicycle advocacy organization that covers Alameda and Contra Costa Counties. Although Bike Concord is now a distinct organization with its own projects, leaders, and online channels, we maintain a close partnership with Bike East Bay.

Services Offered

Bike Concord offers free bike repair at our Bike Tent. It runs Thursday evenings from April to October during the Todos Santos Farmers' Market in the southeast corner of Todos Santos Plaza, near the intersection of Willow Pass Rd and Grant St.

Our work covers many categories – the Bike Tent, engaging with the City of Concord to encourage bike-friendly transportation decisions, creating bike-centered social events for the public, and educating and equipping bicycle users to maintain safety for themselves and others on the road.