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Founded 2009
Location Zagreb, Croatia, Croatia
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Mission Statement One of the more important goals of this project is to stop old but usable bicycles and spare parts ending up as trash. We want to gather as much old bikes as possible in order to restore them or use them for spare parts. So, if anyone has an old bicycle, no matter how deteriorated it is, you can donate it to Biciklopopravljaona. Better bicycles will be given for free to those who are willing to invest some time and resources into shaping them up. The really bad ones will be taken apart and used for spares. Believe it or not, some bicycles need exactly those old scrappy parts. By doing this we are saving natural resources and energy, but also your budget: it is cheaper to recycle than buy the new stuff.

Biciklopopravljaona is ... The purpose of Biciklopopravljaona (don't break your tounge!) is to provide space, tools and advices on how to repair a bicycle to everyone who wants it. Here bike owners can find some of the more specific bike tools, and once a week here are volunteers who will help you fix what you can't do by yourself. There's no charge for that, but you might have to go out and buy parts that need to be replaced. Biciklopopravljaona will provide space, tools and volunteers (and rarely some parts we may have lying around).

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