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Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative

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Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative
Founded 2003
Location Columbus, Ohio, United States
Campus Ohio State University
Services Offered
Mission Statement Our mission is to promote cycling as safe, enjoyable, and environmentally responsible transportation by providing community members with the facilities and tools, as well as the skills and knowledge to help make cycling an essential part of their everyday lives.
Phone 614-299-2984


The Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative of Columbus, Ohio was originally formed in 2003, but was slated for hibernation a year later, when its leadership disbanded. The sight of its remnants -abandoned bikes, tools, parts, literature- gave another small group of people little choice but to reform the co-op.

This town needed a community bicycle shop, we decided. It needed a place where people could use tools freely and learn the mechanics of repair, could spend sunny afternoons organizing dusk rides, or volunteer to repair bicycles. So in October of 2005, a few of us began spreading the word that someone had donated their garage for such a purpose. That same few would embark on the organizational challenge of making it a sustainable possibility. We had little idea of what it would demand from us, but also of how it would reward us.

The sight of so many people coming out to help with this project, whether wrenching or organizing, was astonishing. The excitement conducted through most people who came out to the shop in 2006. Our renewed energy to take on the next year was due to the response we got from the people of Columbus.

We found ourselves in winter again, faced with necessity of finding a new shop to work from. And also faced with the challenge of turning a cool idea into a program that works and persists. 2007 was a deciding year for the Third Hand Bicycle Cooperative. As organizers, we found and maintain a facility, and set the programs in motion. As a community, we must hoist this cooperative into a lasting reality and have a place where everyone can access bicycles.

Mission Statement

The primary goal of The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op is to promote cycling as safe and environmentally responsible transportation. The non-profit organization provides community members with the facilities and tools, as well as the skills and knowledge to help make cycling an essential part of their everyday lives

Services Offered

The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op offers and supports a variety of programs to promote cycling awareness, safety, and maintenance. Programs are designed and run by co-op volunteers and members. Please continue to check this area of the web site as the program offering will continue to grow.

Community Shop Come work with other bicycle enthusiasts of all skill levels in a friendly setting. Either for technical advice, to share project ideas, or volunteer, our open shop time is a large part of the Co-op. This co-operative came to existence because of people coming together. In order to preserve this both in spirit, and action, we offer these times for cyclists to get together.

Volunteer Night Come volunteer and work on projects for the co-op. Tune up donated bikes for sale, or help with our random projects, like building and reorganizing the parts shelves. After you become a member ($25 or 4 hours volunteering) you can earn co-op credit for your work and earn parts or bicycles.

Bicycle Assistance Bicycle maintenance assistance is available from the cooperatives volunteer staff and members during open shop hours. Volunteers will walk you through a bicycle check-up and assist with necessary repairs.

Organized Community Rides Bikes are for riding. The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op believes organized rides are a great way to promote cycling awareness and safety as well as an opportunity for individuals to meet other cycling enthusiasts. Currently, there are no regularly scheduled events. Their times and dates are published through our web site calender and email listserve postings.

Maintenance and Safety Workshops (Check Calendar and News for upcoming information) Co-op members and volunteer staff run a variety of bicycle maintenance and safety topics classes. This extends, but is not limited to, bicycle basics, troubleshooting, maintenance. The Third Hand Bicycle Co-op is in need of skilled mechanics and workshop leaders to plan, develop, and lead these workshops.

Contact Info

Third Hand Bicycle Co-Op

174 East Fifth Ave

Columbus, OH USA 43201

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