Hackney Bike Workshop

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Hackney Bike Workshop as set up in 1992 or there abouts and ran for many uninterupted years at Hackney City Farm. Now we operate twice monthly from a churh hall just off Mare Street

Mission Statement

Hackney Bike Workshop is a non-profit learning space run by volunteers who believe that bicycles are an ideal (and fun!) mode of transportation. Our mission is to make bicycles accessible to all people, to provide a welcoming space in which cyclists of all sorts can learn about building, maintaining and riding bikes, and to create community among bike riders.


The Kings Centre Frampton Park Baptist Church Frampton Park Road London E9 7PQ England

  • Telephone:(07940 121 513)
  • E-mai:(hackneybikeworkshop(at)gmail.com)


  • First and Third Tuesday of the Month: 7 - 9 pm


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