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Don Kuson Community Bike Shop

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Don Kuson Community Bike Shop
Founded 2016
Location Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand
Services Offered
Mission Statement Free access to the tools needed to make Bangkok a better place through cycling.

Don Kuson Community Bike Shop (DKCBS) is a community project with the goal making Bangkok a better, more sustainable, place by providing access to tools, a space to learn, and a resource to obtain affordable bicycles.


Located on Soi Don Kuson in the working class Wat Don neighborhood of Bangkok Thailand, DKCBS works primarily to keep bikes used as income generators for the working class on the road by providing a free space with access to tools and knowledge necessary to do so.


Culture Exchange Unique among shops in Thailand, DKCBS promotes inclusivity, and encourages all social classes and people of all backgrounds to use cycling as a platform for greater understanding.

Bicycle Recycling & Reuse All of our programs are run using bikes donated to us by the community. We view each and every bicycle donated, refurbished, and recycled back into the community as one less bike in the scrapyard, and hopefully one less motor vehicle on the road.

Non-Profit Community Bike Project DKCBS aims to make bicycling accessible and affordable to people from all walks of life. Our bike shop sells affordable recycled bicycles to the greater Bangkok community while generating revenue to help further our mission to get more people riding bikes.

Contact Info

"Don Kuson Community Bike Shop" 
402/33 Charoen Krung Soi 57
Yannawa, Sathorn, Bangkok 10120