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Bikery (Oakland, CA, USA)

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Founded 2009
Location Oakland, California, United States
Mission Statement

The Bikery is an East Oakland non-profit community bike shop – a program by Cycles of Change. We are collectively-run by East Oakland-based educators of color. We prioritize the learning and leadership of youth, people from Oakland and the Bay Area, women, queer and transgender folks. We work to empower each other with the skills, knowledge and resources of biking, partnering with youth from the community and local schools.

The Bikery is committed to making bicycles accessible to everybody!
Phone 510-536-6732
Other Contact Info,,

The Bikery is a Cycles of Change, not-for-profit, collectively run, community bike shop! We are committed to making bikes accessible to everybody. We offer a range of affordable used bikes for sale, repairs, classes and community events. We also have a repair space where you can sign up and use tools to work on your own bike, and get on the list to earn a bike!

We believe bikes are a necessary & creative part of movement building as we work towards social and environmental justice in our communities.

The Bikery is run by a collective of people of color committed to centering the leadership of youth, women, trans and genderqueer folk, and people from Oakland in our collective. We are honored to be working together with interns and volunteers from local high schools to develop skills in bike mechanics, environmental stewardship, and experience participating in a collectively-run business.


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