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The Bike Church (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)

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The Bike Church (Santa Cruz, CA, USA)
Founded 1998
Location Santa Cruz, California, United States
Mission Statement

Our projects provide access to space, resources, and educational opportunities through demonstration, outreach, and hands-on learning.

Sustainable living includes appropriate use of materials, human-powered transportation, skill-building that empowers people to meet their needs in a self-sufficient and affordable manner, active solidarity with people facing coercive forces and the support and nurturance of creative culture, which includes art and shared expression. We seek to shape society around our shared values.


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The Bike Church Community Bike Shop and Tool Cooperative


The Bike Church can help you get ready for a long tour or a cross-town commute. You can learn to fix flats, build and true wheels, adjust shifting and brakes - Anything you desire.

You need not be a mechanic to use the Bike Church's do-it-yourself repair facility; people of all aptitudes make use of the shop. Church ministers (mechanics) are there to help and get as involved in the repair of your bicycle as necessary. We encourage people to learn by getting their hands dirty - familiarize themselves with the machine that they rely on to get them from place to place.

Check out the calendar[1] for upcoming workshops and rides and come by during our open hours to have a look around and tune up your ride.


MON - SAT: 3PM - 7PM


703 Pacific Ave. Suite B Downtown Santa Cruz, CA (one block south of Laurel Street)


All rates are negotiable and no one will be denied reasonable service for lack of funds. Volunteer exchanges can also be arranged for membership. Membership entitles you to full use of shop space and a professional set of tools with the assistance of a mechanic DURING OPEN HOURS.

  • Drop-in rate: $5.00 per hour (no membership required)
  • Month membership: $20.00
  • Year membership: $50.00
  • Lifetime membership: $100.00

Volunteer Handbook

This Bicycle Church Handbook serves as a guide to the Bike Church's organizational structure and a record of procedural decisions. It is a working document and is kept up-to-date and available by the volunteer and membership coordinator.

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