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Talk:Social bike rides

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Notes on how to add this table to Cargo:

Yes, you can integrate MediaWiki tables with the Cargo extension to store and query data using Cargo's structured storage system. Cargo is an extension for MediaWiki that provides a way to store, query, and display structured data.

Here are the general steps to tie a MediaWiki markdown table to Cargo:

1. Install the Cargo Extension:

  Make sure that the Cargo extension is installed and configured on your MediaWiki instance. You can follow the installation instructions provided on the extension's documentation page.

2. Define Cargo Tables:

  Create a Cargo table that corresponds to your markdown table. This involves specifying the fields/columns and their data types. You can define these tables either through the MediaWiki interface or by adding Cargo table definitions to your wiki's `LocalSettings.php` file.
  Example Cargo table definition in `LocalSettings.php`:
  $wgCargoTables = array(
      'YourTableName' => array(
          'Field1' => 'DataType1',
          'Field2' => 'DataType2',
          // Add more fields as needed

3. Import Data into Cargo Tables:

  Once you have your Cargo table defined, you can import data from your markdown table into the Cargo table. You can do this manually or use automated methods, depending on your needs.

4. Query Data Using Cargo:

  Utilize Cargo's query capabilities to retrieve and display data from your Cargo tables. You can use Cargo's parser functions, such as `#cargo_query`, to embed queries in your wiki pages.
  Example query in wiki markup:
    | tables=YourTableName
    | fields=Field1, Field2
    | format=table
  This example would display a table of data from the specified Cargo table.

By following these steps, you can connect your MediaWiki markdown tables to Cargo, enabling structured data storage and retrieval. Make sure to refer to the for detailed information and customization options.