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Shop Supplies

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When doing any kind of budgeting or ordering it is important to remember those shop supplies that most people will take for granted -- until they run out! Like anything, the larger quantity you buy, the cheaper the bulk rate. So buy as much as you can every time.

Loose Ball Bearings

The most common bearings you will need are a supply of 3/16" for front wheels and 1/4" for rear wheels. The distributor, United Bicycle Supply, has them for cheap.


Also known as caged ball bearings.


See also Grease


See also Lubrication

Shop Rags

Rags are in endless supply and an easy donation to get. Surplus T-shirts from past athletic events work great too.

Housing and Cables

Housing is the outside casing, the cable is the inside wire. While it is possible to re-use housing and cables, most people find it easier to replace it. As a result, this becomes a good reason to get a distributor account.

Note: Old cables and housing can be recycled with steel.


The metal in brake housing looks like a spring. Just think of spring break and you will never forget.
The metal in derailleur housing looks like straight strands.

You will need two types of housing, buy in 50 meter boxes:

  • Derailleur
  • Brake


There are three kinds to keep in stock, buy boxes of 100:

  • Road Brake aka Mushroom
  • ATB Brake
  • Derailleur

Patches and Vulcanizing Fluid

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