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Repacking Hubs

From Bike Collectives Wiki


Cone Wrench and Combination Wrench

Step 1: Wheel Removal

  1. Remove the Wheel
  2. Remove the Nuts or the Skewer

Step 2: Using the vice

Place the Axle Vice in the Bench Vice
Place the Axle Vice in the Bench Vice
Axle parts from left to right: Axle, Cone, Lock Washer, Lock Nut
Clean out the old grease, check for pits.
Put new grease in
Insert new bearings
Replace the dust caps
  1. Place the Axle Vice in the Bench Vice
  2. Find appropriate cone wrenches for both cone and lock nut.
  3. On a rear wheel break lose cone from lock nut on non-drive side. On a front wheel do which ever side.
  4. Remove lock nut any washers or spacers and then cone nut. Keep parts in the order they where removed.
  5. Slide axle out of hub.
  6. Remove dustcaps if they will come out easily if not leave them in.
  7. Remove bearings, magnets work great for this. Save on a clean rag.
  8. Clean cups cones and bearings. This may require the aid of some degreaser if grease is old and hard.