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RAD (Recycle A Dunger)

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RAD (Recycle A Dunger)

A community bike workshop in central Otautahi, Christchurch New Zealand. Established by Gap Filler the relocatable shed (built by the RAD volunteers) sits on empty sites left empty after the 2010/2011 earthquakes.

RAD (Recycle A Dunger)-shed.jpg

RAD (Recycle A Dunger)
Founded 2013
Location Christchurch, New Zealand
Services Offered

The RAD (Recycle A Dunger) is Christchurch's DIY Community Bike shop. Our goal is to get people on bikes and to empower them through recognizing their abilities to repair.

Contact Info

In Person

154 High Street Christchurch, New Zealand



Please visit for our latest hours. Our hours change very regularly!

Services Offered

RAD is a well-equipped, volunteer-run community bike-shop. We have most of the parts necessary to keep any two wheeler running.

With help and guidance from our trusty volunteer mechanics, anyone (even those without any mechanical experience) can do their own repairs and perform their own maintenance.

We carry a large stock of used parts so you can replace defective components easily.


We accept donations of bicycles and parts with the aim of getting used bikes back on the road and enabling the repair of bikes with as minimal an environmental impact as possible. We reuse as much as we can. We recycle metal and anything else we are able to.