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From Bike Collectives Wiki

Article focus is the amount that the information in an article is off-topic. If an article is unfocused, the subject matter may be relevant to the wiki but the angle that the document takes may not be. It is also possible that the information may be relevant, but could be better sourced from another site.

Direct to Better Sources

Commonly articles on this wiki pertaining to bicycle parts or repair procedures are marked as out of focus. Of course, we all need this information from time to time, but there are some great websites that already contain everything we need, most notably Please direct users to the appropriate page(s) in a subsection at the bottom of the document called External Links.

Get Back on Topic

There are likely ways in which an out of focus article can be brought back into focus again. For bicycle parts, this could be pertaining to the storage or acquisition of the part. For repair procedures, this could be about how to effectively teach the methods to clients for example.


Tools and Supplies