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Grindstone Bikes

From Bike Collectives Wiki

It's not clear that this ever came to fruition.

The Mission

To establish a state-of-the art Hybrid skate plaza where skateboarders,bikers, and inline skaters can exercise in a clean, safe environment without endangering people or damaging property.

To develop a well maintained park open to all who are willing to uphold the parks rules.

Offers a positive outlet for young people that contributes to healthy attitudes and behaviors.

This plan recognizes the needs of families by addressing youth desiring to skate and ride and the families that support the youth of Berea


Creates a state-of-the art park in Berea

A park that contributes positively to the regions park options

Strengthens community image and development

Contributes to the health and physical well-being of the community

Provides positive youth development in a safe, secure environment

Recognizes and develops new community partnerships Please email us at for information or to volunteer to help get a park for Berea, Ohio


See Also

Grindstone is a bicycle CO-OP that helps kids learn the important steps in Bike safety and repair. They also sponsor AM and Pro level riders who have advanced skills in the sport and help them stay competitive all season