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WHO can participate?

Any community bike shop, anywhere!


FREE PICKLE Day is inspired by [ Old Spokes Home Community Bike Shop]. They offered a coupon for a free pickle with every purchase during a two-week period. It's a day when community bike shops offer free pickles to patrons and volunteers. "I was thinking, what if ALL the bike collectives celebrated FREE PICKLE Day? Or FREE PICKLE WEEK, even. It could be a pickle with every purchase, ending in a big ole' pickle potluck/feast like with sauerkraut and kimchee and pickle bucket panniers (I recommend pickled ginger) works. I mean, seriously. You could even sanitize some spokes and serve pickles on spokes. it could be maybe even used as a fundraiser or volunteer lure event if you're due for one of those."

WHAT KIND of pickles?

Cucumbers are traditional, but you can use ANY kind of pickles! If you can grow it, there's a good chance you can pickle it. If it's pickled, you can offer it on FREE PICKLE Day.


That depends!

  • If your community bike shop wants to attract new patrons, FREE PICKLE Day might be the first Saturday of spring.
  • If your community bike shop wants to attract over-wintering volunteers, FREE PICKLE DAY might be the first Tuesday of autumn.
  • If your community bike shop is looking to throw a pickle potluck, whenever you're due for a fiesta will do.
  • Etc.


List your FREE PICKLE Day event here

  • Old Spokes Home Community Bike Shop - 2016


  • To lure people to your community bike shop
  • To bring joy to your community
  • To celebrate the long tradition of having snacks on hand at community bike shops
  • To pickles

HOW do I throw a FREE PICKLE Day?

List it here and mention it on the Think Tank listserv so we can share in your joy. Distribute free pickles on a day of your choosing. Everything else is optional:

  • Tell your local media: radio, TV, newspapers, and other local information distribution organizations & websites. You can send them a "press release." This is basically an email that lists the who/what/when/where/why/how of FREE PICKLE DAY. The "HOW" would be how their audience can get a free pickle.
  • Send an email to another non-profit in your neighborhood. Team up with them. Invite them to join you in FREE PICKLE Day. Then you get their outreach and you strengthen your connections in the community.
  • Print and distribute fliers
  • Get a massive donation of pickles. How to get pickles:
    • You have a pickle-obsessed gardener among you.
    • Several volunteers have an unopened jar of pickles at home
    • Bust out the ole' non-profit tax ID and contact all the pickle-selling stores in town. Ask for pickle donations.
  • Host a pickle tongue-twister contest with a picklicious reward.