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From Bike Collectives Wiki

Contact Info

Dismantle is located in the South-West corner of Esplanade Park, Fremantle, WA, 6160, Australia.

History and Mission

Dismantle, started in 2011 by Lockie Richie and others, creates opportunities that empower people to adopt cycling as part of their everyday lives. Dismantle believes in a world where bicycles are the preferred vehicle of transport resulting in healthy people, connected communities and a thriving environment.

Aims include:

  • Recycle- Save waste from landfill through bicycle restoration.
  • Rejuvenate- Promote physical health and wellbeing through regular cycling.
  • Reconnect- Provide people with the opportunity to connect with their wider community in our workshop and at events.
  • Ride- Improve the health and well being of the people in our programs.
  • Renew- Promote awareness and innovative thinking in the area of the environment, sustainability, waste reduction and recycling.

Services Offered

  • Bike Workshop. At the workshop members can work on their bikes, access tools and knowledge as well as connect with other like minded people. The space also hosts many bike related events, Dismantle’s Corporate Programs and the Occasional Bike Rescue Project as well our monthly Maintenance Course. The space is currently open: 3pm-6pm Thursdays, 12noon-5pm Saturday and Sunday.
  • Maintenance Courses - first Saturday of every month.
  • The BRP (Bike Rescue Project) is modeled on a highly successful earn-a-bike program. Based on a 2 hour per week commitment over a 10 week period. Students will spend the first 14 hours of the program learning all aspects of bike mechanics and restoration. Highly experienced facilitators and volunteer mentors will ensure that every nut and bolt is covered in this comprehensive course. Having learnt some amazing bike-skills, participants will then select a donated bike. The remaining 6 hours of the course will be spent restoring their chosen bike back to its former glory.