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Demonstrate, Return and Repeat

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Demonstrate, Return and Repeat Teaching Method. For every task, have the teacher demonstrate first then bring it back to the state it was at before the demonstration at which point the learner repeats the process. Larger tasks will need to be broken down into bite size tasks.

Also, if the teacher gets asked a question during a repeating stage, they should act like Yoda and respond in the form of a question. This avoids spoon feeding information, and helps guide the learner.

Teaching Method Goals & Benefits

  1. Some people learn better using different combinations of visual, auditory and kinesthetic (by doing) learning. Using this method the learner can see and hear the process, before they have to use their own hands to repeat. This incorporates all three learning styles, and provides a more adept teacher with insight as to which style the learner responds better to.
  2. Ideal for mechanics thrown in a teaching role who are better at visually demonstrating than verbalizing.
  3. The process will take twice as long, which is IDEAL for the purpose of learning, observing and asking questions. If extra time is not an option, then the program doesn't facilitate learning and may have other priorities or a lack of resources.
  4. Also sometimes the teacher is still learning how themselves, so they NEED that demonstration time as hands-on practice too.
  5. Depending on the condition of the bike, some things may need to be addressed like a rusted / fused and/or stripped out part during the demonstration by the teacher, ex: a frozen bottom bracket. At which point the repeating person be able to focus on normal task without having to worry about more advanced techniques but having of seen and heard how it was resolved.

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