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Keene Bicycle Co-op

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Cheshire County Bicycle Collective is a collective of like-minded bike enthusiasts where people can get together and tinker with their own bikes, learn basic bike repair, rejuvenate old bikes, or create any bicycle related contraptions or art!

Currently, we're located in a former sawmill shed in my backyard in Westmoreland, NH. We encourage others to put their bicycle caps on and come hang out and chat/ work on bikes with us! We collect bikes of any shape, size, and condition from just about anywhere we can find them, adding them to our growing collection so that we may build up bikes and pass them along to others who need them!

The Cheshire County Bike Collective needs volunteers to re-build bikes, clean, and teach. We're always looking for donations of bikes, parts, and tools. There are tons of ways to get involved, just drop us an email and say hi!

Dave Levasseur Cheshire County Bike Collective



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