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From Bike Collectives Wiki
Founded unknown
Location , Austria

Bikerei is an open community which opens Every Tuesday from 5 to 9pm in Innsbruck Austria. We usually have a winter and summer breaks. The active program is issued on our website and facebook page. During opening hours we provide tools, manuals and help to people to fix their bikes. While there is no fixed fee we ask people to pay a fair amount for the tools and material they have used. In 2012 we had more than 1000 people using our workshop with equal ratios of female and male users. In 2012 there are around 20 active volunteers supporting the Bikerei.

Offers and Activities

  • Open workshop. Every Tuesday 5-9 pm
  • Rad Cafe. The first Tuesday of each month we additionally serve drinks, musik and shut doors later
  • Guided Workshops. Once a month we give workshops to a specific topic e.g. Adjusting brakes, fix lights ... .
  • Project Base: People can form project groups and use the workshop outside opening hours to realize their bike related projects
  • Integration. In summer we support asylum seeker homes by repairing their bikes for free

Home: FB:

Dreiheiligenstrasse 21a, Innsbruck, Austria