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Bike Rodeo Kit

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Community Cycles is hosting a number of bike rodeos this year(2010), and we anticipate being asked to host more in the future. We've always borrowed our bike rodeo kit from another organization in town, but it's quite unwieldy, and not super easy to transport by bike. It's time for us to put our kit together.

Road Signs for Bike Rodeo (PDF) is an editable pdf with resized vector based American road signs. Since there are hundreds of signs to choose from, I went with the most common or useful road signs to include.

The original files (including international and US road signs, and many that aren't in the pdf) can be downloaded in a zipped folder from:

The pdf is 12 pages, 11x17 paper. Our plan is to print the signs, cut them out, laminate them, and mount them to coroplast signs. When the rodeo happens on dirt or grass, the metal "H-wires" that come with the signs hold them up. When the rodeo happens in a parking lot or on another paved surface, a small, three-sided coroplast A-frame will hold the sign in place with a weight inside keeping it from blowing away.

In addition to the pdf, the bike rodeo kit contains a bunch of old dead tennis balls cut in half, which we use for cones. They're cheap or free(ask local tennis schools, rec centers, etc) lightweight, small, easy to transport, very visible, and if a rider accidentally rides over one, it's a lot less crash inducing than a big traffic cone.

As of this writing, April 16th 2010, we are still constructing the kit. Once we get it up and running and have pictures from several rodeos, I'll post them here.