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Bike Kitchen Brno

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Bike Kitchen Brno
Founded 2017
Location Brno, Moravia, Czech Republic
Services Offered
Other Contact Info

Bike Kitchen Brno, a.k.a. BKB, is a community organization, like others on this website, which is specialized for repairing and cooking.

We are located at Přízova 2, Brno


BKB was founded in May 2017 by a group of about 20 volunteers that were active in urban cycling activism. It was based in abandoned premises of a former workshop of a local bikesharing provider. These premises are quite spatious, therefore the organization was able to have indoor workshop, three rooms of stocks, a solid kitchen and a community-club room. Since the beginning, the organization has found a lot of supporters, its members remained loyal and workshop spaces for visitors were multiplied.

Current state

Open hours are two times a week: Tuesdays 4-9pm and Thursdays 5-7pm.


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