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Bike City Recyclery

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Bike City Recyclery
Founded unknown
Location Fayetteville, Arkansas, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement Bike City believes that all bicycles are a valuable form of transportation, and all people are capable of self-sufficiency in bicycle maintenance and repair. Our facilities provide hands-on support for cyclists of all skill levels and socioeconomic statuses. We demystify the bicycle to create a safer, healthier community based on active lifestyles and mutual respect.
Phone 479-521-2020

Bike City Recyclery is a volunteer-run, 100% grassroots-funded non-profit recycling and education center.

Contact Info

546 W Center St. Studio C
Fayetteville, AR 72701


Services Offered

We have new and used bike parts and accessories, a DIY community tool room, refurbished bicycles for sale, and many other programs to serve the local community. Do you need affordable, reliable transportation? Don't know how to change your flat tire? Bike City is here to help!