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Bike!Bike! 2015

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Bike! Bike! 2015

You are all invited to Guadalajara, Mexico for Bike! Bike! 2015: An international meeting meant to be a swap-meet for experiences and ideas, projects About biking community from collectives That use the bicycle as an excuse to change society, economy and the environment. Non-profit groups That Have a community bike shops, cooperatives and other projects That Promote the use of the bicycle and That come together to turn into a place Their Communities Where riding is Easier, more inclusive, safer and more fun.

The notion is To have a space to see each other face to face and share the experiences We Have Collected while Developing our projects, so we can build That knowledge for all cycling Communities, This will make us stronger as a whole and Might plant seeds for new projects in other places. Also it is an excuse to surround ourselves and build connections With like-minded People that share our passions.

You don 't have to be an expert or belong to a huge group, you just need to be willing to share what you know acerca organization, mechanics, social impact, alternatives inequality, bicycles or better access to knowledge and social issues in your community or city.

We will be thrilled to see you in Guadalajara, Mexico on October 1-4.

More info at:

event flyer

Proposed Workshops

Apprentices Everywhere! - How to Successfully Coordinate an Apprenticeship Program That is Accessible to Everyone

Two years ago, I Came to the Salt Lake Bicycle Collective With very little knowledge of bike mechanics. Shortly after I started volunteering That I saw there was an application for a free apprenticeship at the shop. After four months of hands-on learning Directly working with a skilled mechanic, I was hired on as an open-shop Manager with enough skills and familiarity to be reliable community members to help fix MOST of Their bike problems.

As the apprenticeship program has evolved, we found We Have That, Although it worked out, This model created an unsustainable financial strain on the collective. Furthermore, Were there many other Applicants Who Had to be turned away from our resources.

We Have Been Working to Develop a more integrated and accessible apprenticeship program for anybody Who wants a comprehensive education in bike mechanics ever since. Have we established a model That accommodates up to twenty self-motivated apprentices at a time. In This workshop, we will share the challenges and Successes of our program and open up for questions and a discussion afterwards.

Craft Bike

Make a stamp with your collective's logo on it. If there's too many people and not enough tools, you can Also play a board game I made up. The goal of the board game is to run a bike collective by allocating your $$$ volunteers and efficiently. It's pretty silly, but hopefully fun! StampMaking.jpg StampMade.jpg

Bikeart: Stencil On Reusable Materials

Multidisciplinary collective organized manner creative agency networks and develop community-focused cyclist art in all its interpretations, sustainability, reuse of materials, recovery of production and self-managed spaces, that with the bicycle as a tool and agent of change and positive impact on society.


We're launching bikebikeZINEZINE! A web-based, de-centralized, co-operative communications tool, bbZZ is going to let us broadcast news from our home base to cities and bike projects around the world. bbZZ will help us Strengthen our community ties, make our work more accessible to the outside world, and help keep all of us motivated and invigorated - all without Being a drain on any individual group's resources. It's going to be a collective effort, with YOU generating the stories and steering the ship.

In This workshop we're going to master what we need to know to be the writers, editors, aggregators, designers, and social media pit fighters bbZZ Who Will get rolling. In an expert crash course we'll learn how to write for the web to generate mass appeal and maximum excitement, how to engage With shops / collectives over distance, how to post to the bikebikeZINEZINE site, how to Collaborate over distance, and more. We'll Also Talk About what we need to make esta get going and stay going.

Changing Demographics, Keeping your Mission

A discussion exploring strategies and outcomes Changes When Your neighborhood around you. How to shop does stay true to gentrification encroaches When Their mission? What happens when the target population moves? Tell your story and share your ideas!

Notes from Changing Demographics, Keeping Your Mission...

Community Infrastructure Cycling and Bicycle Advocacy Organizations

The lesson of the Netherlands in the 1970s Is That mass activism can bring better cycling infrastructure, and better cycling infrastructure Promotes more cycling. Today, cities around the world are grappling With unprecedented population density and automotive traffic, and looking to cycling as a solution. However, this is Often contentious and even politicized, and there is a clear need for advocacy to Demonstrate public support.

This workshop will begin with a discussion of our experiences in recent political battles over cycling infrastructure in Vancouver. Then we will invite Participants from other cities to share Their experiences. Finally, we will engage in a detailed and practical discussion of the roles and community cycling Should Organizations can play in Advocating for better infrastructure.

A Spanish-Inglés translator will be present to Facilitate bilingual discussion.

Conflict Resolution - Diversity, Safer Space, and Individuals trying to volunteer

We're doing a pretty radical experiment in collective management. Things will not always work out perfectly. In fact, I've noticed That as we try to grow and Ensure diversity in our Organizations, inescapable Seems miscommunication. What happens when someone's notion of a safe space is in conflict With someone else's. Let's talk about this.

Please note, I don 't have the solution for This Issue. It's something I 've been noticing and I'd like to have a group discussion about it. I do have a few tips Which I have just Learned This Summer.

notes for Conflict Resolution - Diversity, Safer Space, and Individuals trying to volunteer

Building a community bike shop

Lecture-presentation and called for solidarity to build a community workshop at Casa Naranja busy social center in Tlalnepantla, Estado de Mexico. And stand selling items for fundraising.

Cycling and Sustainability on the College Campus

In this forum we will discuss the politics, mechanics and social aspects of cycling and sustainability Initiatives taken on college campuses. The forum will be led by Sandy Glickman and Karl Kiser, co-managers of the Green Bike Program at Pitzer College. They will look at the topic of cycling and sustainability from a mechanical and social view. John Kalapos, an Environmental Analysis and Politics major, will speak on the Initiatives and policies of other campuses and cities.

Cycling (x2)

Welcome to the world of bicycles and periods. The average person will spend $ bleeding 4000 USD and create 300 pounds of waste on disposable pads and tampons over a lifetime. Sustainable Cycles is a movement based on menstrual cycles and bicycles. We cycle Thousands of miles to the biennial Society for Menstrual Cycle Research conference and hold workshops about the alternatives like reusable cloth pads, are sponges, and menstrual cups. Join the discussion on bicycle embodied activism and feminism!

Experiences of a community workshop in Guadalajara

We talk about the emergence of our workshop, how we work, current and future projects, the experiences and difficulties of organizing and managing a community workshop in Guadalajara, Mexico.

We will talk About how we built up our workshop, the way we work, the current and future projects, the experiences and Difficulties on organizing and managing a comunity workshop on a mexican city like Guadalajara, Mexico.


Fix up an old bike and ride it around town for the rest of the conference. Local The co op will sell it after you leave. Way to support the shop!

Folks and Spokes: An open conversation About volunteer management: An open discussion on the management of volunteers

This is a place to share "best practices", methods well that Work at your bike co-op. How do you Attract volunteers or members to the co-op? What's your training strategy, and how do you keep folks around after training? How do you Actively Encourage a gender (and Otherwise) diverse environment? Let's discuss our "magic bullet" moments and learning experiences.

This workshop is an opportunity to share best practices to manage volunteers and members of their cooperatives. How does for offrir training, and ensure that people fly after training? How it does to foster a diverse group of volunteers or members, in terms of gender or other ways? Let's talk about the magic formulas and lessons learned.

Je parle un peu de français et si vous voulez on Pouvons parler du ce genre du chose in français aussi. Ce atelier c'est pour parler sur la gestion des membres bénévoles or the cooperative. Bénévoles attirer Comment faire pour les membres or à la cooperative? Comment faire pour les gens entraîner, et après l'entrainement retenir them? Comment faire pour Promouvoir the diversité? Parler Allons Nous et les balles of magiques leçons apprises.

Gender & Mobility: Strengthen the international network

Where is an open forum we will take the chance to share what are the current challenges in regards of gender and mobility in each community. What are the MOST effective strategies and Approaches? We will discuss the Challenges and Opportunities That We Have as a woman in order to Strengthen the international network. The goal is to generate new ways for exchanging experiences and Having a supportive community for upcoming encounters.

Getting in the Saddle: Teaching Strategies for Adults to Ride

Many grown ups Have missed out on riding a bike! Maybe They had a scary experience as a kid, Were Never permitted to learn, or not They Have HAD Perhaps prior access to a bicycle. Learning to ride a bike can prove to be more challenging as we age. Our bodies are less limber, and we Tend To have more at stake Should we get injured. Over the past few years at the Wrench, we Have had the opportunity to teach many teens and adults to ride. We Have Been experimenting With our methods, with a lot of laughing and the occasional small crash. This will be an interactive discussion, Where we will share and practice techniques for teaching adults to learn to ride bikes, and haul children and groceries.

Including kids

Let's Talk About teaching kids, starting new youth programming in a busy shop, and how to safely include (or not) the young people stop by WHO. I've worked with children a little, and am all about them in theory if still feel a bit unsure acerca them in practice. This will be an open, Facilitated discussion, I'm adding esta Because I want to know what you know.

Inclusivity at Bike!Bike!: Building an anti-oppressive transnational network

In this pop-up workshop, held on the final day of B!B! Guadalajara, we discussed the challenges and opportunities of collaborating across the borders of Canada, the US, and Mexico, and how shops and projects might better support one another across borders. We also formed an inclusivity working group to continue collaborating around these issues ongoingly.

Notes for Inclusivity at Bike!Bike!...

Logic and common sense in mobility

Talk of logic and common sense of urban mobility passing pedestrians from cyclists and motorists, we will raise the problems facing cyclists to be accepted as part of the transport of the city facing them from a historical, psychological and social. End solutions to these problems were raised and participants are invited to join next practices in the city.

Collaborative mapping to improve cycling mobility

In order to familiarize the public with the participatory mapping, community building to provide data on its non-motorized mobility and infrastructure of their city, we propose a mapping activity open platform. RepuBikla is a tool under development for the creation and centralization of data. Through free mapping, gradually it feeds a national database that can be used to promote political programs and infrastructure for pedestrian and cyclist. A series of dynamic maps instantly integrates mapped data, as in the following examples: .

The aim of the platform is to complement an official insufficient information and give a national focus. The result is an assessment of the volume and diversity of cyclists commuting, intermodal, mobility group, infrastructure, road accidents and insecurity in public space.

Bicycle mechanics, the talk into action

The course "Mechanics" is, make flowcharts, raise conflict resolution, create dynamic, organize, develop materials and tools, etc .. and propose practices that serve to strengthen a community space.

During the workshop we will develop tools that will lead to revitalize a community workshop. Through chatting experiences you provide the realization of a complete service for a bicycle mechanic will take.

The workshop is the result of experience gained in planning activities and organizing meetings, mechanical training, outreach and coordination of biciteka House, a community space that moves mainly in four areas: -Support the cycling community, we have a space which gives accommodation to cyclists. Dissemination of cycling through different types of manifestations, as they can be artistic presentations, audio and visual interventions, theater, projection biciporno, traditional festivals (Day of the Dead), recreational use ... substances, supporting courses Summer for children, etc. -To promote autonomy and independence through the use of a workshop with community tool and parts reuse, -Auto management and financing, is achieved by giving workshops machinery (clinics) with cost and mechanical work, this allows us keep costs Space and daily expenses of persons serving space. Identify and exercise rights of users of public space cycling urbano.Motivando giving workshops to the neighborhood kids to repair their cletas. And support in putting white bikes. It is aimed at all those who use the bicycle as a means of transportation, work, recreation and who have knowledge of mechanics.

Mechanical Practice and other tricks Del Camino

Mechanical skills to solve common problems involving the absence of tools or spare parts will be shared.

Most vital - Non-Bike - tools for any bike collective

A top 10 list of the Most Important non-bike tools needed to run a bike collective. Tools like a laminator and the internet. This workshop AIMS to stress the Importance of Certain tools, as well as give advise on how to appreciate your Admins and how to Encourage non-significant Bikey people to make Contributions to your collective.

Rank     Item                               Price           Bike tool comparison

   1          Internet                              $120-480     Bike stand    

   2          Printer with toner ink         $100             Truing stand    

   3          Free internet services       $0                 Sheldon brown    

        email list serve    whats up,     
        drop box    facebook    trello    
        google forms    riseup    but dont' use too many!    
        thinktank     if this then that    

4    Office Supplies                                               Grease and other consumables    

        colourful paper              $0 - 5        
        Sharpies                        $5        
        wax pencils                   $0 - 5        
        paint pens                     $10        
        dry erase board            get it free        

5    Labeling Supplies                                           The plastic bins we put things in    

        labels with wire              $30/1000     New freewheel removal tools    
        sticky lables                   $30/1500        
        reusable zip ties            $10/100        
        laber maker                   $15-20        

6    Laminator                                   $20-30         The nicer head set press    

        laminate sheets             $20       

7    Stickers                                      $30-^            Double stand    

8    Square/credit card reader/POS  $0                New inventory
9    Manual/handbook                      $0                 A labeled tool board    
10    Chalk board for events            $5                 Shelves for stuff    

        chalk pens                    $5              

11    Kitchen supplies                      $10               parts cleaning bucket    

        fridge                            $0                 usually donated    

12    business cards                         $0-$20         approns    

Organizing ourselves online: and

What is happening With our sites? How can we get more volunteers to help out? How can you help out?

History and planned development

We will go over some of the history of how we got to this point and plans to integrate We Have With . Also we will be asking how we can get more people Involved in the development process and what types of tasks are available, Particularly for non-developers.


We take a bit of your Personal Information When you register. Who can see it and how else Might it be used?

General feedback

What did you like about this year's registration process? What did you not like? Did you find any issues That prevented us from completing registration you or anything That was confusing?

Feature requests

In the second half we will discuss ideas, for new features That We Can Develop over the next year. We will try to choose what features are together and wanted MOST Which ones Should we avoid altogether. Here is a list of feature We Have Discussed, You Will Be Able to add your own suggestions During the workshop:

Translation in French and other languages Better support for older browsers Option to add your organization information Option bid to enter details for your organization to host B! B! Prior to B! B! Ride share planning tools Photo sharing tools Getting involved

There are a number of roles That Could Potentially be filled. Are you interested? Do you have thoughts on how to get others Involved?

Developers Designer Copywriter Translators Server administrator Testers / Feedback on new features

First aid. Cyclists, for cyclists

We are all exposed to accidents, especially cyclists .. Walking in the street or road, a friend or we may suffer an accident, so it is important to know how we can get away with an accident, or maybe even save our lives.

Recycled Fundraisers! Turn your bike parts into works of art. Stories from Tucson's BICAS Annual Art Auction

For the past 20 years, BICAS in Tucson, Arizona has-been hosting an Annual Art Auction fundraiser to raise money for our programs. Learn about the evolution from a small pot-luck art show to a huge community fundraising event. We will talk About how we plan esta yearly event and show many examples of Bicycle Art to inspire creativity.

Reflexion personally one trip a reflection activist

In this workshop we will use techniques to reflect on why we are here, what are the social contexts that have led us to start cooperative and together with other people. It will be very active with time to share and play clarar mind to get a little closer.

Social Enterprise - an alternative model of funding

Two community bike shops in Vancouver, Canada Have Been Functioning as social enterprises for years. This Means That We manage profitable Businesses in the form of full service bike shops (Which are Also DIY spaces) to fund the outreach and programming of our Organizations. We will share an inside look at the histories, organizational structures, benefits and challenges of running a social enterprises.

Spread the love around bike; Seeding new bike school & community projects

Have patrons shop more than you know what to do With? Hordes of children banging down the door every week? Just send em all to another shop! Winnipeg has had great success in seeding a variety of programs and bike repair shops in schools and community centers, Which not only spreads around the demand for our services but is normalizing Also bike repair for a new generation of school aged cyclists. Come learn how we've spawned eight community bike shops and bike repair 30 school programs in our frozen shithole of a town. We'd love to discuss your shops' (mis) adventures in Developing other bike repair projects in your area.

Bike Stories from center: Successes and Failures Reaching out to Spanish Speaking Communities

We will be sharing our process of Engaging Spanish Speaking Communities in Santa Barbara, with some anecdotal support for STI Strengths and weaknesses. Then we will Have an open discussion With attendees Where They Can Tell Their Stories About outreach.

Strategic Planning for Strategic Plans

Feeling over burdened, burnt out or out of focus? Does your organization or mission creep Struggle With internal conflict on how to direct resources? A strategic plan can help with all of These Things. In This workshop we'll go over options on how to complete a strategic plan, what steps to follow and how to use the plan to help guide your organization.

What time is it ... Tool Time (time management at a glance)

First, Personal stories and experiences about my 3 months volunteering here at Rila Libre in Guadalajara and the last two years at my shop Bike Center in Santa Barbara. A look at how each shop Manages Their Time in different contexts. What works? What is fulfilling? What is Important? What's sustaining? What needs attention? Lastly, a Discussion about how your co-op Manages time, resources, and people.

Women and Trans * Programming: Working Models of Community Collaboration

Learn and share how to create safer spaces, create allies, build community partnerships, and influence culture bike shop. Using Grease Rag Ride & Wrench, based in Minneapolis, MN as a starting point, we will share examples of how to start and sustain progress Women and Trans * Including free nights open shop, group rides, races, educational seminars, social events, and Local trainings for gender awareness bike shop staff. There will be time to exchange materials for trainings and examples of policies safer spaces in Inglés and Spanish. Come to learn and share your own experiences, examples, and resources for programming in your community! Everyone is welcome At this Workshop.

Work-Trade & Community Service Programs: How to Organize Your Space While Selling Bikes for No Money

Back by popular demand! Learn how BICAS in Tucson, Arizona Manages programs for earning our shop credit (towards bikes & parts) and community service Offering Opportunities for youth and adults.

These programs not only allow our no / low income customers to gain access to bikes and let positive youth Have somewhere to complete court-ordered community service, But Also the BICAS Collective mutually benefits by helping us clean, organize, and complete special projects.

We will share our forms, process, & stories Provide a long and open Q & A session.