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Bike!Bike! 2013

From Bike Collectives Wiki

Here is a very rough draft of the different workshops, please add your notes and edit the description.

Communicating in difficult situations

Most of us frequently encounter situations in our shop which challenge our ability to communicate meaningfully and sometimes this can lead to conflict

Worktrade: How to Sell a Bike for No Money

A presentation on how to run a successful Worktrade Program which is mutually beneficial for both patrons and the shop. Worktrade, as it functions

basic bicycle maintenance

this workshop will cover basic bicycle repair skills and how to troubleshoot repair problems.

When and How to Grow

Bike Farm has recently taken the leap of moving and growing. I'm wondering how other collectives who have grown deal with the changes.

Safety Workshop and Discussion

For the first part of this workshop I will talk about how we promote safety on Aids/LifeCycle. With nearly 2500 bicyclist riding from San Francisco

Plays Well with Others

Bike collectives subvert culture! Yet we too evolve.

Earn-a-Bike alternatives with a case study in BBP's Easy Rider program

This year the Boise Bicycle Project initiated a pilot program to try to meet the demand for commuter bikes for people in situations of financial ha

Introduction to the Sturmey-Archer AW Hub

Lots of old three speed bikes roll into our co-op needing attention and not ==


Bikes are for boys. Girls can't ride. Girls can't wrench. Girls are clueless. You're not wearing the right thing.

Ghost Bikes and their impact on the community.

The very need for ghost bikes to exist is a terrible thing, yet they do. I lead the Ghost Bike collective on my hometown, Guadalajara, México.

Bike Trains

Presentation on LA Bike Trains & introduction to the history & future of Bike Train projects.

guerrilla art projects

Art is communication: and art is more than branding & logos.

Where Have All the Women Gone?: Developing a Thriving Women's Collective

What motivates a group of women and women identified folks to get together and do something radical?

Sew you wanna make a cycling cap?

Lets go over some really simple steps for you to get some DIY style on the top of your noggin!

Intro to DIY Bike Touring

To demistify and democratize access to bike touring, a presentation of various DIY Bike Touring mechanics and techniques.

Systems thinking workshop with a case study on volunteer/employee burnout

SummaryA workshop on systems thinking with a case study on volunteer/employee burnout and how we applied systems thinking at the Collective. Our fo

European DIY bike culture

Ciemmona, Velorution, Bikewars, Criticona, Cyclocamp - what's going on in Europe?

What do you do with Magna,etc?

A discussion about what to do with all the department store bikes that have several basic faults, lack of grease, planned obselescense of mechanica

Hands-Off "Hands-On" Teaching

One of the struggles faced by those running (working or volunteering in) a Do-It Yourself mechanical space is finding the skills to explain HOW to

More in depth(advanced) bicycle repair/maintenance

this workshop will focus on the more advanced bicycle repair and maintenance. bearing overhaul, wheel truing, frame/fork alignment issues, etc.

Fostering further growth and co-operation among community bike projects.

In this panel discussion we'll discuss the ways that co-operation and mutual support between community bike projects has been effective and ways in

Supporting Cities to Support Cycling

What should bike related organizations do to make it easy for local government to support it's mission and goals?

When is being cool important? The role of hype & duty of substance in bike culture.

This will focus on: talking about when it's important to spend money on a bike, how organizations can present themselves best to their communities

Ladies,Trans, Queer, Femme Programming - Creating a safe space in you bike project

A lot of bike shops are aggresive male dominated spaces.

Teens and Tweens on bikes

This will be a guided discussion on how to empower teens and tweens to ride and maintain their own bikes. What attracts young people to biking?

Mechanics, Guided Inquiry, and Language Acquisition for K-12

Discussions and demonstrations on integrating bike mechanics in the classroom or other education-related settings.

Centering Marginalized Communities in Bicycle Spaces

In mainstream cycling culture we're often inundated with images of white, adult, lean, male-bodied, hetero-normative people ridin

RUBARB presents: Real Useful Basics About Recreational Bike & Youth Programming Story Circle

format: discussionRUBARB presents: Real Useful Basics About Recreational Bike & Youth Programming Story CircleJoin RUBARB staff to share storie

Social Responsibility in Social Media

This roundtable discussion is an opportunity to share best practices to manage your website and social media sites.

Grass Roots Fundraising- It Doesn't Have to be Scary

Does fundraising scare you? Do you hate “asking for money”? Aids/LifeCycle is the largest fundraising event in the country but we do not do it al

Beyond Coercion: Talking Transmisogyny & Femmephobia

Beyond Coercion: Talking Transmisogyny & Femmephobia with Cordelia Nailong & Ace Falcor is an informal discussion of transmisogyny and femm

Breaking the Stigmas of Bike Touring in Latin America

Grant Funding For Community Bike Shops

Shop Setup - Taming the Chaos

Community bike shops are often bustling with activity, filled with tools, bikes and parts. Things can quickly get out of control due to any number of reasons. This session focused on how we can set up our shop spaces to create welcoming spaces that serve our missions.

Here is the PDF 180MB!Bike!2013.pdf

Presented by Rich Points from Community Cycles in Boulder Colorado.

What is Bike!Bike!?

Is Bike!Bike! a conference, organization, festival, week-long party? Who runs Bike!Bike!? How do decisions get made?

human powered machines

an introduction to the use of pedal power.

How to hold a 14 week mechanical, teaching skills and diversity training class

Currently we offer the class mostly free to our volunteers in exchange for a certain commitment to volunteering.

Nola to Angola Presentation

Nola to Angola is a mile bike ride fundraiser established to support a free bus service that provides rides for people in New Orleans to visit

Bici-Networking: BikeBike NOLA 2013

Presentation Style: Working Table Discussion

What we want/Que queremos

Exchange of ideas and experience/Intercambio de ideas y experiencia

Cultural “competency”/ "competencia cultural"

Resources for language acquisition/recursos para la adquisición del lenguaje

Multilingual diagrams/diagramas multilingües

Inspiration for horizontal models of organizing/ La inspiración para los modelos horizontales de la organización

Sharing design ideas/Compartir ideas de diseño

How to reach people who aren’t just like us/Cómo llegar a las personas que no son como nosotros

Maps to locate exchange possibilities/Mapas para localizar posibilidades de intercambio


Language barriers/Las barreras del idioma

Regional differences/Las diferencias regionales

Border restrictions/restricciones fronterizas

Shipping restrictions/Restricciones del envio

Legal regulations/Disposiciones legales

How we do it? (Tools and Ideas)/¿Cómo lo hacemos? (Herramientas e ideas)



Focus on similarities, leave ego/Centrarse en las similitudes, deje ego

Access to tools and products to be shared/Acceso y distribución de herramientas y productos

Working Bikes/Paul – for info on shipping bikes/ para obtener información sobre el envío de las bicis

Share Operational Manuals/Comparte Manuales de Operaciones

Bike-tour guide ( / Guía de Bike-Tour

Bikes across the borders (Jan 3rd, Austin, Tx ?) / Bicicletas a través de las fronteras

Village Bicycle Project

Bicycle for Humanity

Tech support – Godwin and tech team / Soporte técnico - Godwin y el equipo de tecnología

To Do List/Para hacer

Website specific to this networking/Sitio web específico para esta red

Map of collectives seeking volunteers/exchanges/ Mapa de los colectivos que buscan voluntarios / intercambios

Safety tips and honest warning/Consejos de seguridad y de advertencia honesta

Contact list and assistance for immigration requirements for exchange / asistencia a los requisitos de inmigración para el intercambio

Invitation letters/ Las cartas de invitación

Google group/ grupo de Google

Travel resources list/ Lista de recursos para viajar

Check out the bici-congreso Oct.25th-27th in Morelia, Michoacan, MX. El Congreso Nacional de Ciclismo Urbano

Facilitation: A basic workshop for everyone

Have you ever been in a meeting that was supposedly "facilitated", but appeared to be a boxing match instead? Do you often bang your head against

Intergenerational Community Building and Group Dynamics

Are you interested in taking your collective to the next level? Do you want your bike space to be more than just a shop? Are you located in a com

Best Practices for attracting volunteers, keeping organized & motivated

The not-so-secret trick to growing and maintaining a vibrant healthy organization is keeping volunteers engaged and rewarded.

This presentation and discussion will contain some technical details but will be aimed at a general audience, most of the workshop will not focus on

NOLA Social Ride: Social Cycling in the Crescent City

NOLA Social Ride will discuss it's organization, its intent and operation and how it came to be, including: - How it started-

Conference Images and Literature

Attendee Email

International Travel


Bike!Bike! Program

Bike!Bike! Spanish Program

Spokecard Back

Spokecard Front

Invite List

Brochure X

Poster Large

Poster Small


Here is the link to the drop box folder for all these docs. Dropbox Folder