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Bicycle Collective

From Bike Collectives Wiki
Bicycle Collective
Founded 2002
Location , Utah, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement The mission of the Bicycle Collective is to promote cycling as an effective and sustainable form of transportation and as a cornerstone of a cleaner, healthier, and safer society. The Collective provides refurbished bicycles and educational programs to the community, focusing on children and lower income households.

The Bicycle Collective is the parent organization of bicycle collectives based in Utah, USA.



The Collective was founded in April, 2002, by five enthusiastic bicycle advocates. We set out to share the virtues of bicycling with our community and build the bicycling environment with a creative advocacy organization. Along with providing the gathering place, tools, education, art projects, and shop services, the Collective is about having fun while helping others.

The founders of the Collective know the benefits of bicycling for transportation and want more people to travel by bike. Why? We believe this form of clean, healthy transportation is not only more sustainable but more enjoyable. In addition, by putting more bicyclists on the road, we are creating safer conditions for existing bicyclists as motorists become more aware of this form of transportation.

To convert more bicycle commuters, we are always working with the city and county governments to provide useful community resources. Our goal is that, as more folks begin to learn safe riding skills and simple maintenance, bicycle commuting will become more convenient and effective then any other form of transportation around town.

In addition, it is our commitment to the growth of cycling in the Salt Lake Valley that has led us to create educational programs and provide refurbished bicycles, specifically to children and lower income households.


Salt Lake City Bicycle Cooperative is proud to support the following community services:

  • Refurbishing donated bicycles for nominal resale and charity purposes
  • Community access to tools and shop space for bicycle repair
  • Valet Bicycle Parking for downtown events such as the Farmer's Market
  • Bicycle Education
  • Earn-A-Bike program for kids
  • Bicycle mechanic courses and certifications
  • Recycling and art projects


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