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Also see my discussion on the fact that I don't really like that we try to write half-articles that go defunct on the topic of bike repair

Background In Bikes

Eugene has volunteered as a Bike Church Facilitator for NBW's Women and Trans Nights since Spring 2014. This was a natural fit as they are driven to find solutions for egalitarian access to transportation resources for all, regardless of gender. They joined Neighborhood Bike Works as a staff mechanic in 2015 and are excited to bring their knowledge and love to help out in the various neighborhoods.

Early Life

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Orgs Visited

Orgs Founded / Supported

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Background in Wikis

Eugene started editing wikis in High School starting with their own High School's wiki in 2001.

They experienced a resurgence in wiki interest in 2006 when a popular internet game utilized mediawiki software as a means of communicating. A small project of theirs failed due to politics on Wikipedia, but still their passion remained strong.

They utilized that knowledge and passion to benefit the wiki belonging to their hometown of Rochester, NY for several years.

Now they hope to serve the global cycling community by cleaning up edits and contributing to Philly and Gender Inclusive pages around this wonderful wiki.

2016 Love our Wiki Contest Top Editor

Background in Collectivism

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