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The Rusty Spoke

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The Rusty Spoke
Founded 2008
Location Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Services Offered
Mission Statement The Rusty Spoke's objective is to provide space for DIY (Do It Yourself) bicycle repair and recycling, and to encourage bicycle awareness through education and outreach. Furthermore, this initiative aims to establish lines of communication with the city and general public in order to improve the Phoenix cycling environment.
Phone 231-773-0045

The Rusty Spoke is a volunteer based organization dedicated to bicycle advocacy in the Phoenix community.


The Rusty spoke was founded in the fall of 2008 in the back yard of the long house art gallery on fifth street and roosevelt. The collective was formed out of the growing interest in other community bicycle coops/collectives throughout Arizona and the country. The collective started with 4 core members with some knowledge and a small amount of tools and used parts. Over the first year we began to grow out of our small backyard space and moved to a larger space on Grand ave. which was located on the west side of downtown. We then moved again right down the street on Fillmore and Grand ave. The shop has always maintained a DIY ethos with a commitment to provide a safe space to all people. Most things in the shop have been built or donated to us. The shop has also maintained a close relationship to other grassroots organizations that promote positive and radical thinking, workshops, and projects.

Services Offered

We have a well-stocked workspace with most, if not all, of the tools that you need to work on your bike. Bikes come in a variety of configurations and we have the tools for pretty much all of them (save a few specialty tools). We also have been known to make improvised tools when needed; just because we don't have one doesn't mean we can't make it work. DIY is encouraged at the Rusty Spoke and we have a few volunteers who specialize in creative ways to fix or modify your bike.

Contact Info

Based in downtown Phoenix, the Rusty Spoke is a safe and open space to ensure that all feel welcome.