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The Center for Community Transportation

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The Center for Community Transportation
Founded unknown
Location Ithaca, New York, United States
Mission Statement

The Center for Community Transportation (CCT) is a nonprofit whose vision is to achieve a community where travel by shared and active transportation is healthy, safe, affordable, and convenient for all.

Launching an e-bikeshare program in Ithaca is the next step in reaching this goal. The CCT team is excited to partner with the City of Ithaca, along with other community stakeholders, in launching this e-bikeshare program prioritizing local control and long-term sustainability. Led by Director of Micromobility Jeff Goodmark, we plan to roll out a fleet of e-bikes as quickly as funding is secured; 100 (at first) and eventually 400 (at peak) that can be easily and conveniently rented to community members for the short trips that are the backbone of daily transport.
Phone (607) 793-9578

Center for Community Transportation

At the Center for Community Transportation, we envision a community where travel by shared and active transportation is healthy, safe, affordable, and convenient for all.

CCT's mission-focused services and activities include Ithaca Carshare, Bike Walk Tompkins (and its signature program Streets Alive! Ithaca), Backup Ride Home, and the newly launched Ithaca Bikeshare, emphasizing social equity and environmental sustainability in this era of new transportation options and emerging mobility trends.

CCT works with local transportation providers, educators, planners, decision-makers, advocates, and users to fulfill our mission of enhancing transportation access in our community while reducing its negative environmental and economic impacts. We work toward a dynamic and collaborative transportation sector that effectively identifies, advocates for, and provides solutions that serve our entire community.

Our Office Address: 803 Cascadilla St (behind the Enterprise building)

PO Box 418

Ithaca, NY 14851

☎️ (607) 793-9578