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The Bike Cave Collective (Duluth, MN, USA)

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Bike Cave
Founded unknown
Location Duluth, Minnesota, United States of America

( Address: 1712 Jefferson Street (access through the backyard), Duluth, MN

Phone: (218) 302-5523 (call or text)


About: The Bike Cave is a volunteer-run no-cost bike shop located in the basement of the Dorothy Day House.  We welcome all skill levels and strive to provide a safe space for people to repair or build a bicycle.  There is no monetary charge for any bikes or bike parts.  New bicycle enthusiasts can expect to get their hands dirty while working alongside one of our volunteer mechanics. Veteran bikers can come to access the shop tools.  While bikes do not cost money we do expect everyone to participate in the maintenance of their bike and/or help with a volunteer project around the shop.  All bike adoptions typically require about six hours of work, plan to spend at least two days at the shop if you are looking to get a bike.

Previous "About":

The Bike Cave is a collectively run place where folks can work on their bikes, get educated, renew old bikes or create works of ridable art!

The Cave is a dark, damp womb where creative ideas find life and dead bikes are re-born. We are a people of resurrection called to breathe new life into a dead world. So we collect trashed bikes from dumpsters and junk yards to transform them into new creations. By renewing dead bikes we are reminded that with work, patience, hope and creativity our world can be redeemed!

The Bike Cave needs volunteers to re-build bikes, clean, and teach. We're always looking for donations of bikes, parts, and tools. There are tons of ways to get involved! Stop by and say hello! The Bike Cave Collective -- 1712 Jefferson St. Duluth, MN. Open Shop Hours: Tues., Wed. (women and transgender folks only), Thurs. 2-5pm.

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