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Spoke Wrenches

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Park Tool Spoke Wrenches

Park Tool makes five sizes of Spoke Wrenches, but you typically only need these three sizes.

  • Black SW-0 (80 ga./.127” nipple/3.23mm)
  • Green SW-1 (80 ga./.130” nipple/3.30mm)
  • Red SW-2 (80 ga./.136” nipple/3.45mm)

Less Common:

  • Blue SW-3 (105 ga./.156” nipple/3.96mm)
  • Yellow

Finding the right size

When you are getting ready to despoke or true a wheel, you need to find the appropriate size. The only way to do this accurately is to try the black wrench and see if it fits. If it does, it is the right size. Otherwise try the green, and if the green doesn't work, try the red.

It is easy to tell if a spoke wrench is too small, since it won't go on, but it is very hard to tell if it is too big. However, if it is too big, it will ruin the nipple by rounding it off.


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