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New York Mechanical Gardens Bike Coop

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The Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op
Founded unknown
Location Brooklyn, New York, United States
Mission Statement The Mechanical Gardens Bike Co-op is dedicated to expanding fair access to bikes, bike repairs, tools, and knowledge.
Other Contact Info

Countless New Yorkers struggle against financial disparities, education gaps, and discrimination in order to keep their bikes moving. Started in 2015, Mechanical Gardens holds public programming for do-it-yourself repair education and creates community-based workshops that empower every bike rider to take charge of their mobility. We embody New York’s multifaceted movement for urban equity by working to democratize bike access through hands-on, do-it-yourself repair education.

How We Do It

By helping New Yorkers learn to repair their own bikes and ride safely, we help folks gain the skills and confidence to move through the city on their own terms.

By inviting learners to become co-op leaders, we cultivate a space that reflects a diversity of cultures, characters, and contexts.

By universalizing access to quality bike maintenance, we elevate neighborhood health and resiliency while combating economic, environmental, and social inequalities.

By addressing the conjunction of bike issues and affordable housing, living wage work, food deserts, gentrification, and other aspects of urban development, we engender the growth of civic engagement.

We accept donations of any components, wheels, and tires that are in good working condition. We do not accept donations of cycling shoes or apparel. If you are interested in donating a bike to us, please email us first.

Williamsburg 195 Maujer Street @ The St John the Evangelist Lutheran Church Side Yard (inside) Open Hours: **Open Hours at this location is paused for December 17th – January 2023.**

Location Details: We have moved our open hours back into the basement of the church (similar to our pre-pandemic setup). Due to construction on a neighboring building our side yard is currently inaccessible.

Services available: Quick Do-it-yourself fixes (replacement cabling and housing, brake adjustments, wheel truing, chain replacements, flat-fixes, replace pedals).