Elyria Bicycle Education Center

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Elyria Bicycle Education Center
Website https://elyriabikecenter.org/
Email emsco514@gmail.com
Founded 2017
Location Elyria, Ohio, United States of America

As of 2021:

We have been working since June 2017 as a coop serving mainly a low income neighborhood in our city. We obtained 501c3 status a year ago.

We consist of a board of directors (10), all volunteers, plus numerous community volunteers.

We provide educational opportunities mostly informally on an as-needed basis and some programmed training. We accept donated bike related items and prepare/repair for sale back to the community for cheap. We also do some repairs as needed. In 45 months we have received 1400 bike donations and completed over 700 repairs.

Address 408 Middle Ave., Elyria, Oh 44035