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Durham Bike Co-op

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Durham Bike Co-op
Founded 2007
Location Durham, North Carolina, United States
Mission Statement
Phone (919) 675-2453 (shop hours only)
Other Contact Info


The Durham Bicycle Cooperative is a community-run bicycle workshop and social center, located in the Bull City Headquarters in Durham, NC. We facilitate hands-on skillshares in bicycle repair and maintenance, in order to foster the goals of mutual empowerment through practical knowledge, free and open community interaction, and social and ecological justice. Our programming includes weekly open bicycle workshops, mobile and special clinics, community events, and an earn-a-bike program pairing those in need of bicycles with skilled volunteers to rebuild and repair donated bikes. Additionally we facilitate events such as concerts, film screenings, skillshares, and classes, and host community resources such as a free computing center and zine library. We employ and value practices of consensus and participatory democracy in our decision making, and are always looking for new organizers and volunteers.


DBC Yearly Membership gives you the following benefits:

no donation asked for Sunday Shop time

no donation asked for used parts (for in shop projects)

a regular bike to fix up or credit towards a nicer bike

can vote in board member elections

can participate in monthly meetings

knowing you are helping support the Durham Bike Co-op!

DBC Yearly Membership can be obtained in one of the following ways:

volunteer for 5 hours at the shop

donate $35 at the shop. (cash and check accepted)

donate $35 online (at our website)


For all general requests - how to volunteer, how to donate a bike, how to get a bike - please first read the FAQ.

If you still have questions, please send an email to durhambikecoop AT

For more specific contacts, send us an email adressed specifically to one of the following people (our board members)

Our Treasurer- Dave Z.

Our Youth Coordinator- Josh P.

Our Events Coordinator- Catherine E.

Our Inventory Coordinator- Colin B.

The mission

We propose an open community for bicyclists and bicycle culture in Durham. To this end, we further propose a bicycle co-operative that can function as a nexus of this community. This co-operative shall be member-driven, member-funded, and most importantly, fun! The consensus-building board of directors shall be open to all members, and membership dues shall be set on a sliding scale available to participants of all income levels. Aside from the pleasure of riding bicycles, we believe that bikes are a vital vehicle for sociality and movement and that they offer a real alternative to the (economically, socially, ecologically) disastrous hegemony of the automobile. We further believe that—in connection with other practices and knowledge—there is in bicycling a vision of autonomy that has much to contribute to the creation of new forms of social life. Our own practice as a collective will therefore be threefold:

1. Skill-share: In order to encourage self-empowerment through the exchange of practical knowledge, we will regularly facilitate and host clinics in which skills related to bicycle maintenance, repair, and riding will be communicated in an open, free, and inviting setting.

2. Bicycle recovery and redistribution: We will solicit donations of unused and unwanted bicycles, tools, and parts. Ideally and budget permitting, these bicycles will be free—although in some cases a donation will be asked for the cost of any parts needed to refurbish the bike. All labor done within the cooperative will be voluntary and unpaid.

3. A nexus of the Durham bicycle community: In addition to the skill-share clinics noted above, the co-operative's physical location will also serve as a social space in which individuals may work on one's own bike, work on bikes for others, and share bike building and repair knowledge and skills.

Location 1612 Acadia Street (in Duke Park), Durham, NC

maps and directions

Contact Information:

email: to request assistance: (response times vary based on volunteer availability)

For general info:

To Coordinate a Donation:

Join Our Listserv:

Phone: (919) 675-2453 (only answered during shop hours)

Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1225 Durham, NC 27702

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