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Common Cycle

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Common Cycle
Founded 2010
Location Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States of America
Services Offered
Mission Statement We are a community-based organization empowering Ann Arbor to ride bicycles by providing access to education, workspace, and resources.

Common Cycle is a community bicycle repair organization located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Contact Info




Common Cycle started in February 2010. We are a group of people that are both excited by bicycling and getting more people on the road with their bicycles. Every bicycle on the road makes Ann Arbor and the world a better place.

Services Offered

In April of 2018 we moved into a workspace in downtown Ann Arbor at 416 W. Huron, #11. This is a place where you can work on your bike with other people. We have tools, stands, supplies and knowledge. We teach a bike repair class two times per year and have a monthly women/trans/femme event. We do events in the community using our mobile workshop trailers.

Quasi-organized bins of used parts are available, and we occasionally have garage sale events, announced on our Facebook page.

For our latest events and hours check our website, or find us on Facebook.