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This website is a portal for the Bike Collective Network. It hosts a wiki & a mailing list (The ThinkTank). Its primary purpose is to facilitate communication and collect helpful information for community bike shops.

technical details

  • where is it hosted? - Dreamhost
  • where is the repository
  • what technologies does it use (exactly)? - Mediawiki & MailMan2
  • how is it currently deployed
  • any other relevant info? - helped set this up and it is still in their name; Godwin and Darin have access to it.

feature details

  • what exactly does it do?
  • how does it work?

This website is the home for international Bike!Bike! conference(s). There is a large annual conference and smaller regional conferences. The primary purpose of the website is to help provide tools for conference hosts to run the conference. This includes: registration, information, scheduling, planning, and ___.

technical details

  • where is it hosted
  • where is the repository
  • what technologies does it use (exactly)
  • how is it currently deployed
  • any other relevant info

feature details

  • what exactly does it do?
  • how does it work?

What is wrong with our current sites?

Our current infrastructure for is a monolith, it is very difficult for anyone who would like to help to get started. All of our sites are maintained by Godwin, but he doesn't have the time to continue supporting them on a regular basis. Without the time to keep our sites updated, our infrastructure has put us in a position where were are vulnerable to security exploits and memory leaks which cause the site to crash.

What must be retained?

  • Our database of users and organizations
  • The ThinkTank and the wiki.
  • Localizations (English / Spanish / French at a minimum)

What new features would we like to see?

  • A list and map of organizations on
  • Localization of admin interfaces
  • Full mobile support
  • Improved accessibility
  • multilingual wiki

Lessons learned from past development

Who will be organizing this?

The current team is Godwin and Arlin Schaffel but could include you too. You can get involved in whatever capacity and amount you think could help, we don't just need development support (but of course, that's super important right now). There are many ways to get in touch, if all else fails, you can use the contact link on

Feature Requirements

Current feature sets are listed in the docs for and, below are infrastructure requirements that must be kept in mind when deciding on our new infrastructure:

  • Both sites must share common data
  • User authentication
  • Mass and individual email
  • Online payments for registration
  • Internationalization
  • Easy onboarding and deployments
  • Continuous deployment

Nice to have features

  • Site health monitoring
  • Single sign-on for both sites
  • Collaboration tools for internationalization
  • A/B testing or feature gating support
  • Metric utilities for understanding how users are using the site

Bike!Bike! Feature overview

For Bike!Bike! we have a basic set of features:


We need a system that can securely allow users to be authentication.


The following are our main proposals. Please feel free to add a new proposal to the list, if your idea is similar to one of those listed, consider suggesting changes or alternatives to one of those below instead:

  1. React/Node/AWS stack


List your concerns below, let's talk about them:

  • Start here