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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2023.06.05

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Attendees & Availability

Rachel - want it to happen; have some time; don't have experience with it before but willing to learn; have experience with event planning, social media; difficulty meeting deadlines sometimes. Not bilingual.

Malibe - haven't been involved in planning; helped w/ interpretation; would like it to happen; have some time to dedicate to it; can be available 2-3 hrs/wk; might be moving in 2 months what has been the hardest thing about planning this?

Angie - might also be moving in August (in 2 mos), but probably not too disruptive; enthusiastic about participating and having a role in planning; uncertain re: date; starting a job now that will end in closing event the 4th of November, which will be busy; really enthusiastic about the diversity of projects and speakers

Angel & April - will be less involved this year, but still available to provide info and resources and to do things upon request

Nat - spent maybe 1-2hrs/wk on meetings, emails, etc.; social media was time consuming, esp. b/c also doing illustrations for the posts, will also be less involved this year

Resources presentation

Angel & April put together a slideshow on some of the resources we used for past B!B!E! events:

Meeting minutes can be translated (write them in whatever language you prefer, readers can use Deepl or Google Translate) and the manual is the place to update B!B!E! activities. site will need updating and site functionality issues can be addressed by Jonathan. Check with April first, because if April can do it. Jonathan can stay focused on the heavier lifting.

Suggestions from previous years is to vary the type of workshops available (keeping community bike shops as a component, but less of a focus on community bike workshops as those are less common in Mexico, Central, and South America). If there are similarly themed workshops, its recommended to offer them at different times to allow people in different time zones to attend at least 1 (don´t group them at the same time or close together).

Decision to host B!B!E! 2023

Now that you know the available resources and time commitment, do you still want to commit to making B!B!E!23 happen?


Malibe, Angie, Rachel

First things to do

  • make an announcement that it's happening
  • pick a date and theme
  • meet one more time to discuss themes, dates, announcements
  • this time continues to work for people; check with Aaron?
  • prefer emails or something else? WhatsApp works well; check with Aaron? Malibe will create the WhatsApp group.
  • Rachel is going to send out the email
  • Make sure that meeting minutes are uploaded to wiki


  • it's not ideal, but it is the best thing we have right now
  • sometimes it blocks people, especially people outside the US
  • might be good for planning communication?
  • if using discord, reiterate to people that they need to check it