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B!B!E! Planning Meeting 2022.11.16

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Aaron, Angel, Darin, Leo, Rachel, Ronald


  • Rachel does DEI for work and has a marketing and outreach background
  • Ronald is from Rhode Island and getting looped in on tech meetings (we need a user-friendly password manager for the planning team)
  • We need to send out the following emails. Added stubs to template doc. - Rachel and Leo will work on this. Angel will give Rachel the password to gmail
    • thank you to donors,
    • the survey,
    • an overview to everyone who registered,
    • thank you to volunteers (with letter of reference).
    • Leo's going to make a cool .pdf
  • We should post a B!B! & B!B!E! faq to and also publicly name resources we have that community bike projects can use (zoom, ocf, for regional B!B!s)
  • Leo is becoming an OCF admin (we should do this annually after people have been involved for a year)
  • Last year's planners need to get together and make a checklist using what we did this year.
  • Meetings are moving to Mondays (5 PST), if that doesn't work for Nat, Carla, and Angie, we should try with Doodle to find a time that works for everyone